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What members are doing to create a better world for themselves and others
Become a founder of
your own Niceism and be the change YOU wish to see

Thank you for joining, one by one we will change the world

Do what you can do. Smile, be joyful,  see that being alive is a gift, then spread that happiness to others. Help people with their shopping, take time to listen to another if they are in pain, be gentle. Don't get annoyed by others poor behaviour, they are simply in a different space to you.  Donate time to your community, build a community group, join an existing one, when someone serves you in a shop with a name tag say thank ou by their name. Tell yourself you are beautiful daily, you are, we all are. We just need to start believing this and forget all the pre conditioned training we have had. Stand tall and count for something you believe in whatever that may be. The more you do it the more powerful you will feel and the bigger your goals will become.


Your directive

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Become part of the biggest global group in the world ?

Get invites to future events, access to our shop (under construction) where you can buy things for cost price and we'll send you a free book that will challenge your thinking about life, make you laugh and hopefully inspire you to bigger and greater things.  

Is today the day you start to change your world,
take responsibility for yourself and others and not
expect someone else to do it for you?

Group Seflie

Your belief

Humanity is kind at heart and has been separated by focusing on the differences between us and not the commonality of all people. Race, religion, colour, gender have been used to create division for too long. They have enabled the few to have power over the many.


WE/YOU have allowed this to occur. Now is the time to come together as one, to unify under one simple thought, in one group through kindness, compassion and love.


You don’t need to be a guru, a millionaire, a world thinker or someone with assumed power to create good. You just need to be you and create what you create, be the you, you can be, there is no big or small deed there just is.

We can all stand for something we believe in. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, take FULL responsibility for your own life on this planet, and be the most wonderous version of yourself you can be, whatever you decide that is.

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