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Become a founder of
your own Niceism and be the change YOU wish to see

Thank you for joining, one by one we will change the world

Every member gets invites

to future events

We are planning to have multiple events (on and offline) with guest speakers  and chances for you to patriciate, learn, help others, join in, meet like minded souls, build communities and help be part of a larger and larger impact on humanity. Plans are already under way and events will be run to break even. 

Conference presentation

Get a complementary book

"Am I weird or what?"

50 thoughts about life death and the bits in between.



Written by Cliff Findlay creator of Niceism this is a little book of thoughts to provoke conversation, possibly new ways of looking at life, stuff you may wish to research further and a little bit of fun and poetry thrown in for good measure. 

FREE when you join accessible as a flipping book.

Access our shop and buy Niceism merchandise at cost price

We aim to not generate profit in any way therefore our shop will allow members to buy items at cost price direct through a supplier of choice. Or if you are willing to wait a little we will be adding a facility where you can gang up with other members to reduce the cost further. We are currently researching companies who offer a great service and have a high value on ethics.

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Group Seflie

Become part of the biggest global group in the world

If all the above isn't enough you will become part of what we hope will be the most diverse, loving, compassionate and giving group of souls on this planet. Feel, share, and be part of something alongside millions of others who wish to also be the change they wish to see in this world. We will never ask for donations, if you wish to help become an investor so we can do more things or offer your services for free to help spread the word further, please do get in contact.


Join in & between us
OUR world

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