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Below we have collated a selection of videos by who we believe are some of the worlds leading voices in their field. Hopefully, this small resource gives you access to some thought-provoking concepts, you find people who resound with you and look even deeper into the things that expand your mind.

The videos aren’t aimed to sway your thinking (you must do your own searching and find your own truth) they are just other views, other opinions, and different ways of looking at life, energy, vibration, and frequency. 


Please see them as pointers, maybe new voices, directions, or stuff you hadn’t considered or thought about previously. 

Then follow your own mind where next. 

Connecting All The Dots w/ Physicist Dr. Richard Alan Miller
Alfa Vedic

Connecting All The Dots w/ Physicist Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Dr. Richard Alan Miller has a long and extensive resume in the fields of Physics, Metaphysics and Agriculture. His very rich and varied resume includes solid state physics, playing tennis at a Davis Cup level, to states of consciousness and much in between. Prodigious from an early age, two of Richard Miller’s high school science projects were adopted by NASA, including one used in the Mariner 4 mission to determine the amount of water on the planet Mars. At age 16 he built a linear accelerator and hydrogen bubble chamber for a science fair project and was the first American to demonstrate particles going faster than the speed of light. He’s been involved in research and projects – many at top secret level – that have formed the basis of several modern-day scientific inventions. Miller’s research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist working 11 years with Navy Intel (Anesthesiology). His work includes foundational papers on A Holographic Concept of Reality and Embryonic Holography and work with microwaves and synthetic telepathy. He was used as Timothy Leary’s experimental guinea pig to see what the effects of LSD were when taken by a Mensa level genius. Dr. Miller was the real-life character that the X-Files’ Fox Mulder was based on – investigating unexplained phenomena for Navy Seal Corp and MRU, which put him in the path of many incredible life experiences, including an encounter with an alien and travel to an underground Antarctic Nazi base. He conducted ESP experiments with astronaut Edgar Mitchell on the dark side of the Moon, and he developed early protocols and trained Navy Seals in ESP and Super Soldier techniques. As an agriculturalist, he is a recognized expert in the growing and marketing of crops and herbals and has invented ingenious and effective farm machinery specific to the type of crops to be harvested and had input into production of some of the largest crop producers in the world. His metaphysical works spring from his mother and grandmother, who were renowned psychic investigators and he himself is a high-level initiate of several traditions and lodges. His grandfather was the magician who trained Houdini. Dr. Miller’s key strength is in “joining the dots” and drawing from his vast pool of research and insight to find ingenious links and applications for designs, projects and development. As an author he has written prolifically, with some most recent releases including Power Tools for the 21st Century and ESP Induction Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis. He has also recently released audio courses in Metaphysics. A pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration, he is re-emerging as a preferred internet radio guest at a critical time in humanity’s, evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge. Show links: Alfa Vedic is an off-grid agriculture & health co-op focused on developing products, media & educational platforms for the betterment of our world. By using advanced scientific methods, cutting-edge technologies and tools derived from the knowledge of the world's greatest minds, the AV community aims to be a model for the future we all want to see. Get exclusive content by joining our Co-Op on Patreon here: Or you can make a one-time small donation to help keep this content coming! Bitcoin: 3Mz8NcWiYzsZ4cHqbU4X5q3Vz4UeYgbSUk Litecoin: MRM8wETvGHwCPyxCj7DxVGeuNBggaU7yLT Join Our Telegram: Join Us Weekly on Dlive, a decentralized livestream platform. Join: Channel: Support us and the future internet by downloading the Brave Browser with our referral link! Support us by buying from our booklist! Alfa Vedic supports sovereignty and empowers people to take back their rights through Solutions Empowerment. Learn everything from status correction to how to use non consent forms on this powerful platform with proven results! Alfa Vedic supports the 90.10 quantum healing technology. Please purchase with our referral link to support our effort in spreading healing and wellness to the world! USA: Germany and Austria: Switzerland: All other countries: Our comprehensive line of health products and nutrition is available on our website. Most products are hand mixed and formulated right on our off grid farm including our Immortality Teas which we grow on site. Find them all at Keywords: Dr. Richard Alan Miller quantum mechanics remote viewing ectoplasm herbology ESP secret space program above top secret spirit science metaphysics modern magic lifeboat permaculture herbal medicine
Dr Richard Alan Miller, The World You Know Will Flip Like a Switch Before November 2020, Latest
Leak Project

Dr Richard Alan Miller, The World You Know Will Flip Like a Switch Before November 2020, Latest

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FINGERPRINTS of the COSMOS - Randall Carlson - A Fireside Talk
After Skool

FINGERPRINTS of the COSMOS - Randall Carlson - A Fireside Talk

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. I have had the great privilege to go on 2 geology trips with him this year. I learned more in those few weeks than I did in all my years in school. Much of the trip was not recorded at all, but thankfully we had a camera rolling when Randall gave this talk in the late hours of the night, by the fire, under the desert stars. This video is a short glimpse into the great wealth of knowledge that Randall possesses. If you want to go on a geology expedition with Randall, here is a link to future trips (I will be on the Feb 10-13 trip in Arizona. Randall won't be on that one, but there will be some other amazing teachers) Randall Carlson's Podcast can be found here Huge thank you to SpencerVybes for shooting the fireside footage and the drone footage. Spencer creates incredible content. On YT: @SpencerVybes or on IG: @vybesource Thank you so much for watching this video. Your time is greatly appreciated. If you like this video and want to help create more, please consider supporting After Skool on Patreon Visit our site at - We also have a newsletter Check out the new After Skool prints! Or send us an email at
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