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With great knowledge comes great power and great responsibility

What is the human condition? Are we part of a bigger plan? What is my reason for being on this planet? Is there a higher truth? How can I maintain my health? Is there anyone who can help me? These and many other questions cause people at times to feel lost, and anxious and want to look and search for 'their' truth. 


The videos we have collated are not mainstream ideas (you can get those anywhere) they aren’t aimed to sway your thinking (you must do your own searching and find your own truth) they are just other views, other opinions, different ways of looking at life, energy, vibration, frequency. 


Please see them as pointers, maybe new voices, directions, or stuff you hadn’t considered or thought about previously. Then follow your own mind where next. 


Ignore them all, love them all, whatever you wish to do you must do. Some of them are very deep, some light, but all should hopefully be eye opening to a new world of information and help you search for what and who you are. 


We have no judgement and no right to judge. Good luck on your journey of discovery. 

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