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Below we have collated a selection of videos by who we believe are some of the worlds leading voices in their field. Hopefully, this small resource gives you access to some thought-provoking concepts, you find people who resound with you and look even deeper into the things that expand your mind.

The videos aren’t aimed to sway your thinking (you must do your own searching and find your own truth) they are just other views, other opinions, and different ways of looking at life, energy, vibration, and frequency. 


Please see them as pointers, maybe new voices, directions, or stuff you hadn’t considered or thought about previously. 

Then follow your own mind where next. 

FULL EPISODE: The Sacred Secrets of SOUND

FULL EPISODE: The Sacred Secrets of SOUND

8,000+ Films, Shows & Classes on Gaia. Start Your Free Trial - Many have heard: “At first there was the word,” but does this really mean all of existence first sprang from sound? Connecting religions, magic, and quantum physics with ancient knowledge of Egypt, Tibet, native tribes, origin stories of religions, and more, experts across fields use sacred geometry and modern science to analyze humanity’s universal links with sound. About Gaia: Gaia offers the largest resource of consciousness expanding videos. Answer life's deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream narrative with Gaia— a member-supported media network of truth seekers and believers empowering an evolution of consciousness. Explore over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being. You can experience Gaia in English, Spanish, German, or French. We offer original, dubbed or subtitled content in these languages. Join hundreds of thousands of members in 185 countries in awakening your consciousness. Connect with Gaia: Visit Gaia WEBSITE: Like Gaia on FACEBOOK: Like Gaia Unexplained on FACEBOOK: Like Gaia Yoga on FACEBOOK: Follow Gaia on YOUTUBE: Follow Gaia on TWITTER: Follow Gaia on INSTAGRAM: Follow Gaia Yoga on INSTAGRAM: #Gaia
Geometry of the Ancients
Nassim Haramein

Geometry of the Ancients

Nassim Haramein on the geometry of spacetime being encoded by ancient civilizations around the world in a clip from his "Black Whole" film. You can watch the full film on Gaia TV along with Nassim haramein's latest original 13-episode series "Quantum Revolution". Learn more about the geometry of spacetime: Enroll in the Resonance Academy’s free Unified Science Course with Nassim Haramein, the international academy faculty and more than 100k enrolled participants from 80+ countries - now with a new Module 7: New Advances In Unified Physics: Support the Resonance Science Foundation's mission of unifying science by being a Contributing Member (just 5/month) : RSF Contributing Members gain access to: • The first session of every Resonance Academy Elective Course (!) • Ask direct questions live on monthly "Live with Nassim" calls • Ask direct questions live on monthly Faculty Q&A calls • Two Breakout Groups per month where you get to connect with other members • Extensive video archive of "Live with Nassim" & Faculty Q&A calls • Access to a member-only Community Forum • Access to a member-only Facebook group • "The Connected Universe" feature film • "Crossing The Event Horizon" extended documentary film by Nassim Haramein More member content is added monthly. Resonance Science Foundation Socials: Nassim Haramein Socials:
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