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One world no divide

Being nice is nothing and yet means everything. It is a way of being

Imagine a planet where everyone is on the same team, being kind to each other, accepting and appreciating differences, and creating a world we can all be proud of.

Every individual (all 8 Billion of us) has their own idea of what being nice is. No big or small, no right or wrong and always changing depending on the situation. Being nice transcends colour, religion, nationality, gender, and race, it is a word we can all agree on and yet own for ourselves at the same time.

We believe now is the time for us all to join under one simple truth and direction and see the commonalities and not the differences.

Niceism is the world's first Not-For-Money organisation, welcoming you to be part of a community that can change the vibration of the planet, change humanitys path, and build a world we would happily pass on to the next generation.


Wouldn't that be nice? Read more >

Lets change humanity together
Our aim is to have 8 Billion members. 

Your objectives

You can help heal the world in 34 days.

(and it needn't cost you a penny)

Smile. Stay positive. Enjoy being you. You are one of a kind. Be beautiful. Why not?

It's your choice, every minute of every day

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June 21st 2023

Global Positive News Day

Everywhere you look there seems to be nothing but negative media, which creates, fear and anxiety. Positive News Day is our chance to show ourselves and everyone the kindness of humanity, and the beauty of the world. To share with everyone how incredible it is to be alive and promote wonderful, inspiring, imagery and stories, how beautiful we truly are not what we are told we've become. 


So on the 21st of June share positivity, create positivity and use #niceism #makemankind and #positivenewsday on anything and everything wonderous about us.


Tell the world and share this idea


Together we are stronger

Niceism is the worlds first
Not-For-Money organisation.

No money will ever be made by the founders or profit made from our members. If you wish to make a donation (ALL donations will go to spreading the word and none will go into our pockets), wish to help spread the word, have a skill set you are happy to offer and be part of our global team, wish to help promote the movement or simply say hi please Click here to contact us >

Cover the world in kindness

The way to defeat anxiety, fear and anger is through love, acceptance, generosity and kindness. We all know this. The universe and all life is vibration, frequency and energy. So the more we move into our hearts the quicker we will heal the world. Stay strong, you can feel something is happening, join in and create magic in your own world. You are not alone.

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