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Lets change humanity together

How one small word can change the world.

Being ‘nice’ means nothing and yet means everything. It is a way of being.


Every individual (all 8 Billion of us) has their own idea of what being nice is. No big or small, no right or wrong and always changing depending on the situation. It can and does mean whatever you wish it to mean. Being nice, transcends colour, religion, nationality, gender, and race, it is a word all can agree on and yet own for ourselves at the same time.

We believe now is the time to come together in one world community, now is the time for all to join under one simple truth and direction and see the commonality, not the differences. If we do this one by one we will change the vibration of the world, change humanity's path, and build a world we can be proud of and one we would happily pass on to the next generation. Wouldn't that be nice?

Join in and let's makemankind

Cover the world in kindness

Join the movement on social media. Whenever you see someone do something nice or do something for another, post about it and tag us in #niceism. This way we will see humanity for who we truly are not what we are told we’ve become and cover the world with kindness.

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