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Your goal

To create unity across all of humanity without impeding existing thoughts, doctrines, or religion. To globally raise everyone’s conscious awareness to help others, however big or small, and raise humanity’s global vibration as one.

Your vision

Humanity working together under one thought, one ideal to create a global community across all divides through kind thought, acceptance and understanding with one purpose to reflect humanity as it truly is.

Your mission

To show that we are all one, that we can all exist and belong to one group that binds us all, that commonalities supersede differences, that we are born pure and when we consciously choose we will all help others and give and feel good for doing so.

We should all stand for something we believe in. Take a deep breathe, believe in ourselves and be the most wonderous version of ourselves we can be.

Your belief

Humanity is kind at heart and has been separated by focusing on the differences between us and not the commonality of all people. Race, religion, colour, gender have been used to create division for too long. They have enabled the few to have power over the many.


WE/YOU have allowed this to occur. Now is the time to come together as one, to unify under one simple thought, If we are all nice to someone we don’t know every day the world will be a better place.


You don’t need to be a guru, a millionaire, a world thinker or someone with assumed power to create good. You just need to be you and create what you create, be the you, you can be, there is no big or small deed there just is.


ALL religions, doctrines, ways of life agree, do unto others as you would wish to be done to you. YOU are your way, YOU decide what is being nice, YOU choose how you wish others to see you and what you wish to create in your life.

Why Niceism?

  • The word ‘nice’ means nothing and yet means everything.  

  • Being nice transcends colour, religion, nationality, gender, and race.

  • A word that each individual young or old can agree on as a way forward, a commonality we can all be part of yet have our own understanding and own for ourselves at the same time.  

  • An ism is a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy it is a way of being.

Is today the day you start to change your world,
take responsibility for yourself and others and not
expect someone else to do it for you?

Niceism will provide the tools so we can all see the good of mankind, empower others by providing access to the world’s greatest thinkers, give everyone a common goal, bring people and communities together and aid humanity to change its vibration one person at a time.


NO profit (or wage) will be made or charged for running Niceism (donations will be accepted BUT all will be put back into the organization and none used for wages) as this is a movement to enable, share, to bring together. The only wealth generated will be that of generosity, love, and kindness.


Anything purchased by members through the site will be done at a cost price. If you would like to know more, would like to be involved, or would like to offer your services or products then please contact us BUT your offer will have to fulfill the same criteria.


This way there will be no chance of the idea being sold out or manipulated as there will be no monetary gain to do so. 

Your directive

One world no divide.

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